Demolition of cellar

Submitted by admin on Mon, 29.08.2016 - 11:04

After detailed inspection of cellar situated under one of the rooms we found out that its vault-ceiling built of brick is largely damaged due to moisture. Bricks in some places disintegrated when touched just with bare hands. The room above this cellar is the largest of all the rooms in our building and we plan to place brewhouse exactly into this room. Brewhouse equipment has considerable weight which significantly increases when filled with water during brewing process. A question arose whether the cellar ceiling can withstand that weight and will not fall down. After careful consideration we decided to demolish the cellar. The first step was to remove the floor in a room above the cellar and subsequently to dismantle the whole vault-ceiling located below. We plan to fill up the whole area of the cellar with construction debris from disposal of the original floors in each room of the building. The old floors will be later on replaced by a new sloped concrete floors.